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The Perennial Migration - Appetizers

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The Perennial Migration - Appetizer Snipets - Copyright D. M. Kirtaime
As the finger tip became covered in purple fluid, both the victim and the soldier let out a scream.
With a slight grin and movement of his drooling forked tongue, Larsst signalled his delight with what his dinner host offered.
“Why the defence position?” Leo asked
“Because daylight is coming to an end and we should be tucked away safe – night belongs to the wild.” Relt warned, looking up direct at the sky.
The Commander, imagining one of his shovel-sized hands wrapped around the Adjutant's throat, and crushing the wimp's airway, confirmed “I will make arrangements now.”
With this fresh knowledge of the reptilian invasion movements, Leo explained “We need to increase our pace now. I reckon that our success will depend on what is accomplished today.”
Shaking her head, True explained “No! No! You must understand, that vehicle is the same as the one in the dome; and those reptilians are not soldiers, they're the butchers ready to collect our body parts.
Kern forgot that the vendor used the device as soon as he was out of the public eye. The button on the device deactivated the human cloaking and showed his original reptilian form.
At once Thorn held his weapon to the stranger's face and in a demanding tone asked “Who are you? That's not a human's face! What do you want?”
Demla seated herself on the beach, and in the sand wrote with a finger 'WAKE UP NOW'. Leo opened his eyes and reported to the rest of the class what had happened.
Larsst sniggered to himself and allowed his forked tongue to glide along his scaled lips and collect the saliva, which drooled as soon the human scent reached his nostrils.
He attempted the vendor's name again, remembering to make a hissing sound with the 'ss' and wait before ending the name with a 'tut' sound for the 't'; said “Larsst.”
As he looked away from the test tube, he added “True do you realise that without a glass quarantine, the outbreak of this monstrous virus might devastate our world?
“Pleased to make the acquaintance, Jessica and Thorn. I am known as Mulrog. Do you intend to stay up the tree long? You need to understand that the tree is not too happy if the young branches are blocked from the sun-rays.”
Shocked but curious, the man turned and found that he faced either a ghost or hologram. The masculine figure wore a silver hooded robe and hovered at twenty centimetres above the floor. 
Once Larsst was through the entrance, as reptilian offices had no doors, slouching against his favourite pile of smooth rocks the senior asked “What do you have to report?”
Larsst's slit olive coloured eyes widened, and his tongue was visible again and slithered from side to side; as he inspected the chip and listened to Kern. 
 They could tell that the discovery of the hiss coming from a non-reptilian species, surprised it.
Throughout most of the reptilian tunnel network was dim lighting – a perk they allowed themselves, compliments of the human World Administration.
As they arrived back at the vehicle Relt asked “Problem?”
Thorn explained “Damn, I'm afraid so – without the wrist chip I can't start this block of metal they call a vehicle!”
Thorn looked at Jessica who, even with three weapons now on her person, still had an innocent expression. 'Should I be taking her with me into peril?' he thought to himself.
As the vendor morphed back to reptilian form, Kern took a while to get accustomed to meeting with a species his brain did not register as a terrestrial being.
The button on the device deactivated the human cloaking and showed his original reptilian form. The main body covered in grey-yellow scales; with grey, sometimes black ones over his back and sides.
To the pair's surprise a reptilian, the one Thorn had spotted first; spoke up and said in a deep rough voice as it licked the blood from jagged pointed teeth “Do you humanss think that you can stop uss?”
She said “Thorn Stop. Stand still. Don't talk, just listen.”
Thorn not receiving such audio waves himself did as she asked.
“Listen. Again! And again! It sounds as though people are screaming for help.” Jessica whispered.
This beast was reptilian but its head and face resembled a snake. It was now obvious to Thorn that different reptilian races existed, one being intelligent and the other primitive.
After he was one metre in front of the Masters, Larsst stood still and asked “Interessting. Tell me, how did it happen that the pair of you ssurvived? Did the other troopss fight until the end?”
Larsst was happy with the communication gift as typical device keyboards had not been reptilian claw-friendly. With this screen he could tap the buttons on it.
Although becoming more confident and filled with adrenalin as they came closer to the mother-ship, the reptilians underestimated the human defence measures.
It was the erosion which caused the symptoms in the victims, but how the purple fluid, a living organism; came into existence puzzled him – but he had a suspect in mind.