D. M. Kirtaime

Award Winning Fantasy/Science Fiction Author. Reptilian Conspiracy Writer

Kirtaime grew up in the country outskirts of Bristol. After his military career he settled with his family in Germany. Wanting to write fantasy-fiction books was a childhood dream which he only decided to make come true in 2013 with his first book 'The Perennial Migration' - A mixture of adventure, conspiracy, legend, space travel all in one pot being stirred by hungry reptilians and cooled by heroes.


The year is 3010, the human race divided; the new breed living inside the World Administration dome network and outside the older breed. A pandemic, broken out throughout the dome network by a corrosion in the citizens' wrist chips, is causing the planet to die. Whether the outbreak was accidental or intentional, either way the reptilian race stood to gain from such an apocalypse.

With most metal resources now the property of the World Administration, survival of man, beast and plant will depend on such life forms working together; and the leniency of our galaxy controllers.

Leo, Thorn and their sister True experience the split of the human race first hand and are fully integrated in the World Administration system, each following a different trade. When a virus wrecks the dome network they discover an evil conspiracy and agenda is orchestrating an apocalypse. Earth is dying, a galactic contract is violated and no choice left but to migrate to another planet - with no technology mankind alone cannot manage such a migration.

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Meanwhile between thirty and forty reptilian soldiers left the tunnel and now surrounded the perimeter of the human trap. During her last confrontation with them True noted that they wielded large clubs, this time they used roughly-made axes and jagged-edged carving knives; issued for the task of butchering. Leo, although a fully trained soldier with combat experience, had not come to terms with the visual contact with these walking lizard beasts. And considering the miserable dilemma, he should now have other things on his mind but instead he starred at the reptilian soldiers; studying them with a strange interest a fellow soldier had.

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The Perennial Migration - Main Characters

Name: Demla

Age: 60

Height: 1.50m

Gender: Female

Race: Forest Folk

Background: Member of Forest Folk Guard. Human escort.

Name: Jessica

Age: 24

Hair: Blond

Height: 1.74m

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Background: Is a qualified nurse. Works at a hospital dome and is a colleague of True's.

Name: Kern

Age: 50

Hair: Black/Grey

Height: 2.0 m

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Background: World Administration Force Commander. Rank is General. Uses dark Reptilian services for personal gain and power.

Name: Larsst

Age: 130

Height: 3.0m

Gender: Male

Race: Reptilian

Background: Wrist-chip vendor. Member of Galactic Council. Personal interest in destruction of mankind.

Name: Leopold (Leo)

Age: 30

Hair: Ginger

Height: 1.80m

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Background: Was a two-chevron Administration Force Soldier. Accused of conspiring against the World Administration and stripped of citizenship. Now living in old-breed settlement. His brother is Thorn and sister is True.

Name: Mulrog

Age: 120

Hair: Leaf-foliage

Height: 1.20m

Gender: Male

Race: Forest Folk

Background: Original trade is as carpenter. Human language Translator.

Name: Relt

Age: 45

Hair: White

Height: 1.75m

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Background: Member of old breed settlement. Nominated settlement leader. Blacksmith. Friend of Thorn.

Name: Thorn

Age: 25

Hair: Brown

Height: 1.76m

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Background: Mother and Father passed trade training (later sent to pension dome). Sent to children education dome together with brother Leo and sister True. Thorn became a non-chevron outer-dome maintenance crew member.

Name: Trudy (True)

Age: 23

Hair: Brunette

Height: 1.60m

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Background: Qualified as a nurse after attending the same education centre as her Brothers Leo and Thorn, True now works at a hospital dome.